Reviewing YOUR TRACKS (live stream)

We had a lot of fun guys, see you next time!

Do you want ME to review YOUR tracks live on YouTube next time? Then click below and send me your track. I'll give you free professional feedback and promotion!

Are you getting the most constructive feedback you can on your tracks? Maybe you've just been sending your tracks to family and friends, who mean well, but might not know how to articulate what could make your music better. Or maybe you have a reputation for getting defensive when you receive negative feedback. Whatever the reason is, there are few things more important to an artist's growth than getting honest and informed feedback. When someone points out a hard-to-swallow truth about what's keeping your music from meeting its full potential, that's invaluable advice, as much as it might sting. I will give you professional feedback on your tracks so you will immediately know what you're already doing well and what can be improved!

What can you expect?

Feedback on:

1. The first impression

2. The quality

3. The length

4. The arrangement

5. The instruments

6. The melody

7. The vocals

8. The atmosphere

9. The FX

10. The variety

11. The energy

12. The intro

13. The verses

14. The buildups

15. The drops

16. The transitions and bridges

17. How you mixed your track

18. How you mastered your track

19. Final thoughts

So send me your tracks now via:






As always: all genres accepted.

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